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The purpose of agencies

Advertising agencies are in the business of fooling people. But we’re also in the business of fooling ourselves. Most of us believe in progress, fairness and justice, but when we start working on a new brand, we suspend our judgment. We know we’re asking poor people to buy things they don’t need with money they don’t have, but that was the odious client’s call. We’re just the messenger.


And so we bring our arsenal of convincing techniques and we use them to the benefit of whoever is paying. It’s not us inflicting more damage on society. We’re just following orders.


But what if we don’t take orders from the unworthy? What if we could use our powers for good?


Why we are

In 2016, progressive people woke up from our convenient slumber. We thought that the progressive ideal had won the argument, but across the world, politicians and people reverted to their nativist worst. Presidents can be orange. Progress is not inevitable. The battle has not been won.


We love the relentless creative challenges of advertising and business. But we also want to create a more progressive world. So we’ve decided to do both. It’s called Fairly Famous.


Our agency works exclusively with progressive, purpose-driven companies.

We will not create anything for companies that do not share our radical sense of fairness.

We do not use our powers to mislead or exploit.

We are only interested in companies and products that are good and do good. Our relentless creative talents are available to companies with a purpose beyond profit.


We believe the world could be better when progressive people behave purposefully. The Fairly Famous purpose is to improve the world by amplifying the messages of progressive companies.



The point of purpose

We don’t deny our clients’ right to make money – if you don’t make money, you’re not sustainable. But there are wrong ways to make money. If a company has no purpose beyond making money, ethics become redundant and people become the means to an end. These companies and their brands are meaningless. They might make billions for a handful of people, but what about the rest of us?


When we start working with a new client, we spend a lot of time talking about purpose. It’s because purpose underpins everything we will say on your behalf. All advertising has immediate commercial pressures, but meaningful brands always bring something else along. When we know what we all want – not just immediately, but eventually – each piece of communication plays a short and a long game.



How we do it

Our purpose is not to win awards (but thanks to all the juries who give them to us anyway). Our purpose is to improve the world. This means our creative approach is different from many other excellent agencies.


Companies work with Fairly Famous because they have something progressive to sell and they believe we know how. (As usual, our clients are not mistaken.) When you work with companies like that, each piece of communication is an opportunity to say something that matters. The challenge is consistent: how do we use our creativity to get worthy companies heard and remembered?


The answer will be different every time, but the purpose is always the same. Whether it is through advertising, social media, content, a gratuitous stunt or an elaborate contraption involving strings, we are ridiculously invested in helping progressive companies change the world. Not just because it’s our jobs, but because progress matters.


It’s fun to make ads. It’s better to change the world.




Deon Wiggett

Founder & Creative Director

Deon is the relentless energy at the heart of our creative. As the founder and creative director, he obsesses about big ideas, great words, and the meaning of advertising. He has been a copywriter since 2002 and has worked at renowned agencies in Johannesburg and London. He has won a number of international and South African advertising awards, including two D&AD Pencils and a Loerie Grand Prix for Nando’s. He’s also been awarded for brands including MINI, the Mail & Guardian, the Apartheid Museum and Standard Bank.



Alison Pope

Operations Director

Alison is the master of all she surveys. She heads all our operations with an unseemly obsession with Getting Things Done. Without her, the creatives would spend their days flopping about while making increasingly inappropriate jokes of a sexual nature. She spent years learning everything from production to traffic to management at major agencies including Black River FC, Masters & Savant, and Y&R. She has a laugh so loud it induces depression in elephants, and a singing voice so sweet it makes the angels weep.



Would you like to join?

Then jump through the necessary hoops.


We’re always looking for progressive creatives to join our team. If you would like to tell us about yourself, drop us a line. We consider creatives of all experience levels, but you must share our obsession with progressive advertising, as well as our generally permissive disposition.



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